ピエト・モンドリアン「赤、青、黄のあるコンポジション」Piet Mondrian “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow”















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This painting is “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow” made in 1930. The painter is Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). He studied at the Amsterdam National Academy.

At first, he used Dutch painting to paint landscapes, trees, etc., but once he was influenced by a number of painters he met in Paris, France. He returned from Paris to Holland.

After that, it rapidly abstracts. This work was completed 14 years after returning from Paris.

I was interested in this painting, noting that Piet Mondrian was attracted to the mysterious and enrolled in the Theosophical Society.

The starting point for Western painting is religious painting. I feel that few people go back to that origin and notice that this painting is being drawn.

If you look up at the heavens, the light comes in. There are many religious paintings in which the light is bathed in the hands and forehead and the heavens give something superior to humans.

Piet Mondrian portrays the gift “light” from heaven in this way.

The horizontal earth and trees are made into black lines and abstracted into those exposed to a lot of “light”, and the “light” is decomposed into “three primary colors”, which are largely “light, three primary colors” and their “light”. “Light” itself “white”. In other words, I seemed to be surrounded by transparency.

Too much disassembled abstract paintings are hard for people to understand. However, I am impressed that this still exists.

I never get tired of watching this work. It can be used as contemporary art, and it deserves ancient religious paintings. Piet Mondrian, who can draw such abstract paintings, is a wonderful painter.

In general, curvaceousness is a necessary element to feel the value as a painting, but I felt that this was a masterpiece that removed all curvaceousness and drew it.

This painting can be understood by those who can understand it. However, if I don’t understand it, I feel that many people can’t understand it as a modern painting.

This time, I wrote about Piet Mondrian’s masterpiece, “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow”.

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By Qoo

私は、不動産賃貸会社を経営しています。父は、政治記者で、アルバイトをしていました。だから、私を書くのが大好きです。多趣味、好奇心いっぱいの生活をしています.。好奇心、いっぱいです。だから、色んなことをします。家には、趣味と仕事の道具がいっぱいあります。PCも大好きです。インターネットは、色んな世界が広がるので、楽しいです。色んな方と、国境を越えて、交流できたら、すばらしいと思っています。人生で、落ち込んだ時、嬉しい時、幸せな時、色んな時間がそれぞれありますが、どんな時間でも、どこに住んでいても、みんな同じ人生です。だから、この場を通じて、色んなことを書いていきたいです。色んなことに、没頭するのが好きなので、たまに、お休みする時もあります。私の好きな言葉は、「集中と選択」。だから、いつも、何かをしています。皆さまが、楽しんでいただけるように、したいと思います。どうぞ、よろしくお願いいたします。 好きな映画となりのトトロ/My Neighbor 好きな音楽Totoro/クラッシック音楽/Classical music 好きな本イソップ物語/Fables of Aesop/ 趣味/料理(2年間学校で、学習)、写真撮影、 ソーイング、PC組み立て、絵を描くこと 、旅行、音楽鑑賞、絵画鑑賞、アクセサリー作り


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