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世界の人々の想いは、ひとつ。There is one feeling of people all over the world.

日本の「平成」の想いは「become peacefully 」。



想いは「beautiful harmony」です。









The idea of “Heisei” in Japan is “become peacefully”.

However, looking back, it was an era of disaster.

“Reiwa”in the next throne.

My feeling is “beautiful harmony”.

I was impressed by the fact that 21 shots were fired at the ceremonial court.

21 because it is the 21st century.

“It was not an actual bullet but an empty cannon” is a symbol of Japan, hoping for world peace. It was.

I hope to become a world without armed forces.

In addition, cultural exchanges of many countries were held at the Rugby World Games held in Japan.

Japan’s “ojigi” is spreading all over the world.

“Ojigi” is an action that informs and respects the other party that it is not hostile by showing the human heart of the “neck”.

I think it would be wonderful to spread it to the world level through personal exchanges that let each other’s misunderstandings and grow together through cultural exchanges.


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