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水泳教育は学校の体育の運動科目でされていた。Swimming education was an exercise subject in physical education at school.





















Nowadays, the educational field is changing a lot, but I would like to write about the wonderfulness of education.

In Japan’s high-growth era, education did not develop much at cram schools and schools.

So it was very difficult to educate from the ground up.

Therefore, during summer vacation and long vacation, there was an education for children who couldn’t keep up with the classes.

So the teacher was treating him like his own child.

In Japan, industrial products were made in Japan during the high growth era, and the atmosphere was dirty.

But this was always monitored by the region.

Called “photochemical smog,” a yellow flag was raised and exercise was stopped when a dirty atmosphere rushed in.

Therefore, at that time, I am exercising in the building.

This is Japan, but since the atmosphere is still dirty, “asthma” of children became a problem.

The principal also had “asthma” himself.

So, at that elementary school, I focused on “swimming” to strengthen my respiratory system.

Children who couldn’t swim had a special training every day, divided into grades.

Because the number of people who can enter the pool is limited, children who cannot swim had to prepare swimming forms at the poolside.

From time to time, I used to lie down and float in the pool.

However, I had a lesson every year at the outdoor pool in the summer.

With that kind of education, naturally there are no children in the third grade of elementary school (9 years old) who cannot swim at school. There are individual differences.

Although it is a pool class only in summer, if you stick to such things, if you are in the fourth grade, the poolside will be decided according to your individual level and you will swim from the beginning to the end of the class.

In the 5th grade, I make a ring in the middle of the pool, and at the turn of the pool, I take a rest so that I can swim all the time during class.

Continuing to do this, at the age of 12 in the 6th grade, attach a lifeline and swim in the sea.

Upon graduation, everyone was able to swim 1,500 to 3,000 meters.

Schools in this area are still famous for “swimming”, and because they are transferred, children from other areas can’t keep up with the lessons, so it seems they can’t keep up unless they study at the swimming school.

In this way, anyone will be able to swim.

It is important that you do it one by one.

This time, I wrote about Japanese classes, swimming.


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