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スマートシティ、GAFA、情報社会、ビックデータについて。About smart cities, GAFA, information society, big data.




















ですから、米国の企業として見るのでは無く、国際機関として、運用することが、今後、起こって行くことが、良いと思いますし、これは、色んな意味でwin winの関係だと思います。









The smart city concept is now being considered in Japan.

I would like to analyze this information society from various perspectives.

In this smart city, the internet has developed and big data exists in the United States and China.

I feel a sense of crisis about this, and I feel that I want to develop a smart city as a nation.

Therefore, Europe and other countries cannot accept companies called GAFA, and instead, there are countries such as China that are affiliated with them.

It is very dangerous to consolidate power, and in fact, there are antitrust laws.

As for China, this is not a reference, because it’s not so democratic because it’s a different country, and in fact there is no antitrust.

This is from the perspective of operating, not technology.

However, in China, in a space controlled by technology, the chances of learning real, morality are definitely lost, and I think that the people’s willingness to think of humanity will be low.

If supervised, the society, if formed, will find a spout in an unsupervised place, which is fundamentally a lack of moral education.

Then, it seems that the majority of people in the United States, called GAFA, are very uncomfortable with the hegemony of the world, and there are many people who cannot forgive it.

This is natural. Now let’s change this from a global perspective to a micro perspective.

Suppose you join a company called GAFA and are assigned to a department that holds personal information.

So what happens is a workplace where we share each other’s personal information and watch each other.

Can you put yourself in there and do something wrong?

I don’t think I can.

And I think it will be a very inconvenient life.

Therefore, it is an information society that is a little different from the society in which it is operated by national power.

It’s a huge amount of money involved, so I think it’s operated internationally, and it’s very inconvenient for a company to grow.

In fact, Amazon’s Jeff Besos is divorced. Therefore, I think it’s good not to see it as a US company, but to operate it as an international institution, and in the future, it will be a win-win relationship in many ways.

So I don’t think you need to worry about this process.

I am against the smart city concept.

I don’t think sharing medical information is very desirable either.

This is because they will be watching each other and fighting each other.

Security cameras are all over the city, so there are few cases where they are not cleared yet, and I don’t think it would be desirable to be more inconvenient.

The rational thing is that it is inconvenient. Therefore, rather than thinking about smart cities, I would like to devote all of my power to education so that I become a human being who is wonderful and respected as a moral person, as a person.

By doing so, I think that it will lead to a good society, a person with good judgment who can judge things, and a person who will be respected as a person.

This time, I would like to talk about how the Internet and society should be.


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