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狭小敷地や変形敷地の建物の注意したい所。Where you want to pay attention to buildings in narrow or deformed areas.



















This time, I would like to talk about what to keep in mind when building a house on a small site or a modified site of a detached house.

First of all, I have the impression that the parking lot is given priority to the site and the distribution of buildings is decided.

This is not very good. A building will be badly damaged unless it is regularly maintained, and if left unattended, it requires a lot of maintenance.

There are so many houses that are built without thinking about it.

Scaffolding is required to maintain the building.

At least 50 cm is necessary considering the width of the scaffold.

However, there are too many buildings built without considering the width. It is very important to paint the outer wall and maintain the roof, but even many houses cannot do it.

I was asked this by an exterior painter.

“Is the relationship with your neighbor good?” In my case, it was a house where I could get enough foothold, and it was not such a situation, but according to the contractor, “1 cm” is not allowed to stick out, the house There seems to be It is said that even if there is a site, it is said that if the building built over the site can not be maintained or there is land next to it, there is no choice but to rent.

If a building is damaged, it will be time to take it down and think about rebuilding it. I have also asked for the dismantling of a house built over the entire site.

In that case, in the place built on the full site, I put a sheet next to it so that the waste wouldn’t fly, and I couldn’t use heavy machinery (large machinery), so I destroyed it by hand.

The price was very high. So, first of all, I would like you to consider the maintenance, decide the layout of the building, and come up with a plan.

The building needs maintenance.

Please design with this in mind.

Maintaining your home will increase its value.

When buying a house, we recommend that you purchase with a reasonable financial plan considering maintenance costs.


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