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土地の維持費(税金)を知る。Know the land maintenance costs.(Tax)

住宅の建っている土地の維持費は、市町村の出している路線価格から決まります。(土地の色んな価格を知る。Know the various prices of the land.)

前にも書いていますが、単位が平方メートルですので、それに土地の形の評価で、単価を出します。(土地の資産価値を知る。Know the asset value of the land.)
















The maintenance cost of the land on which the house is built is determined by the line price provided by the municipality. (土地の色んな価格を知る。Know the various prices of the land.)

As I wrote before, since the unit is square meters, the unit price is given by evaluating the shape of the land. (土地の資産価値を知る。Know the asset value of the land.)

Multiplying it by the square meter of your land (✖️) will give you the value of your fixed assets.

Please note that the amount of fixed assets will change depending on the application.

Here, we mainly focus on residential areas.

Small houses (200 square meters or less) are multiplied by ✖️1/6 of the taxable standard amount.

Standard tax amount ✖️ 1/6. For land larger than this, for example, if it is 220 square meters, it is larger than 200 and is multiplied by ✖️1/3.

The calculation formula is the standard tax amount ✖️200✖️1/3 + standard tax amount ✖️20✖️1/3.

In addition, there is a city planning tax as a tax on housing, but this varies depending on the municipality.

In addition, the calculation method for commercial facilities such as shops differs depending on the municipality.

Property tax will be reviewed in multiples of 3 of the Japanese calendar (Reiwa).

(The property tax will be adjusted if the land price falls by a multiple of 3 or less. The correction is only the decline.)

The factor of land decline is due to the closure of large commercial facilities etc.

It seems to be calculated.

The tax rate is higher for non-residential purposes.

The city I live in has a standard tax amount of ✖️0.7.

Furthermore, the vacant lot becomes higher.

Taxes are very difficult.

Today, I wrote about land maintenance costs and taxes. Please note that it differs depending on the municipality.


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