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ウェブ、SNS、インターネット、ブログを経験した感想。Impressions of experiencing the web, SNS, the internet, and blogs.



私は、この頃のWebを経験したくて、Twitter を手始めに、してみました。






















One of the leading Internet Web news sites in Japan wrote that the people who use the Internet are those who are “free people” and “unwise people”.

The man entered the dawn of the Internet in a timely manner, and quickly exited, saying that his “talented ability to write unwise articles was exhausted.

” I wanted to experience the Web at this time, so I started using Twitter.

There is an atmosphere that can’t be said.

This is a long story, so I’ll write it on another occasion.

The level fell because the Web was accepted by the common people.

This has fallen dramatically since the time when PCs and PCs cost 500,000 yen.

The era in which terminals can be bought for tens of thousands of yen means that the people who use the Web will change.

So I started this “blog” too.

The impression is that it doesn’t pay.

Maintaining this “blog” also has a maintenance cost, and in order to enhance the content, various information is scattered.

Normally, it should be a common wisdom that if such “information” is “interviewed” in order to obtain it, money will be paid for it.

It is an honest impression that there are people who browse this using a loophole well, and there are many “heartless people” on the Web, so it is already rubbish.

So maybe I’m more likely to be a “browser” of the Web in a few years.

What was written well, wisely, and aimed at the “reception” only at that time was “sorry” on the prevailing (infested) Web, and I experienced that “unwise person”, and as a result, such an answer ,became.

So I don’t think people who are successful on the Web right now will continue this long.

Therefore, I think the most important thing is to cherish the real world and succeed in it.

I want you to know that the current Web is in such a world.

There is no need to pour “a lot of time” into the Web.

This is because the Web is becoming an oligopoly, and it will become a more “crippled world” in the future.

This time, I am feeling the results of having experienced “unwise people” and “stupid people”.

There are some suggestions that I secretly think that it would be better if the way the web industry operates would be different from what was expected.

Because there are such sayings in Japan.

“Bad money drives out good mone”,and it means that good things are lost by bad things.

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