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北海道札幌市、北海道庁旧本庁舎に行ったI went to Sapporo City, Hokkaido, the former main government building of the Hokkaido Government Office.























As I mentioned a little last time, the former Hokkaido Government Office Building is a historic building.

The pioneer messenger was built in 1888 as a sample of the Sapporo main office, but the fire was only inside, and the bricks remained as they were at that time.

It is made of 2.5 million bricks.

The interior was restored in 1968.

In a building, the railing is a symbol of the building.

It is very polite. It’s a very heavy door. It is a very carefully constructed building.

This design was done by an engineer from the Hokkaido Agency, led by Harujiro Hirai, and many bricks, hard stones, wood, etc. were made from Hokkaido.

The frontage is 61m, the depth is 36m, and the height to the top of the tower is 33m, which is equivalent to the current 10-story building.

At the time of construction, it was one of the largest buildings in Japan.

The octagonal tower that rises to the top of the building was built in 1873 by the plan of the American pioneer adviser Horace Capron, and imitates the octagonal tower of the pioneer Sapporo Main Government Building that was burnt down six years later.

At that time, in the United States, a dome-mounted architectural style was popular as a symbol of independence and independence.

The Hokkaido Government Office was established in 1886, and it is said that the first Secretary, Michitoshi Iwamura, built this octagonal tower on the roof of the Red Brick Government Building, showing the Meiji government’s enthusiasm for developing Hokkaido.

The interior of the Red Brick Government Building was destroyed by a fire in 1909, but the red brick wall was not damaged so much, and the following year, restoration work was started. Construction was completed in 1911.

After that, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Hokkaido, it was restored at the time of its foundation in 1968 and will be preserved forever.

There are few Western-style buildings of the Meiji era that are so excellent in Japan, and they have been designated as an important cultural property by Japan.

The second floor will be renovated to become a coffee room.

The garden is also well maintained.

Suddenly, if you look at the bricks below, you will find bricks engraved with the names of various regions in Hokkaido.

The yellow tree-lined road was very beautiful on the opposite road across the road.

This article was created with reference to the pamphlet.


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