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孫子の兵法を読む⑥Read Sun Tzu’s military method ⑥







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Those who are good at old wars prepare to win, prevent their enemies from winning, and wait for the time of the war. By preparing, the army wins, but there are deficiencies in the enemy. Therefore, no matter how good the army is, even if it has a good strategy, it cannot be said that it can win absolutely depending on the condition of the enemy.

Therefore, what you need to win is the state of the enemy. So it’s difficult to make a plan to win because of the situation. The enemy cannot win because it is too escorted. To win, you have to attack. The escort also needs to be good.

You can attack because you can afford the army. To be a good escort, you hide in the earth, and when you attack well, you move like flying in the sky. By doing so, you can successfully maintain the state of the army in this way, win, and achieve your goals.

It is not good for anyone to know that they will win. It is not good to win the battle and be good for politics. Therefore, it is not good for people to praise you for winning. From ancient times, the army of good fighters wins quickly and wins. Therefore, winning is not so much praised by the public.

I have a good plan, so I will definitely win. Before the war, the enemy who loses in the plan always loses. Therefore, a good army of war will not lose and will not miss the losing factor of the enemy. So the winning army plans to win and wins, and the enemy unplanned wars and seeks to win. Successful use of soldiers operates the law with proper ethics. That’s why you can win.

The military art is (1) the advantage of the land. ② Save. ③ Number of soldiers. ④ Power, by these, ⑤ Win. Therefore, the game can be calculated. The winning army has the momentum to change its shape freely.


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