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孫子の兵法を読む⑨Read Sun Tzu’s military method ⑨










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The general of the army will form an army, gather soldiers, and war against the enemy at the request of the ruler of the state. It is difficult for the army to go to war. War is difficult because extra and bad things can be good strategies. Reassure the enemy, catch up and overtake even latecomers. So there are many dangerous things to win in a war.

Therefore, it is not possible to achieve the purpose of rushing and fighting in a hurry without making a detour. Therefore, the planned deployment of front lines and supply units is to protect yourself from the enemy. This is especially important for expeditions.

Therefore, during the war, if you cannot afford it, important people in important positions will be taken prisoner. So the expedition needs to calculate the distance and loss and make a plan. It is dangerous to have a war without any reserves.

Supply troops, food, and reserves to the army, which you lose if you don’t have them. You need to know the plans of the owner of the land. Because I don’t know if it’s an enemy or an ally. It is important to know the land well. Therefore, without guidance, it is impossible to obtain the base of the army.

War is a psychological warfare. So act for that benefit. There are formal and wacky ways to do this. Then it moves freely and stops. The way to aim for the enemy’s carelessness is quick. And when it is officially a war, it is a thorough war.

It wars according to free change according to the enemy. And I use both formal and wacky. In that way, the land obtained by winning is divided and given to people as a profit if there is a loot. This formal, eccentric, moving, stopping, it is to use this properly. This is won by those who are calculating the detour. This is the strategy of war.

Use a sounding object or flag to signal the war. Because this is what unifies many people. As a result, many people can be managed in a unified manner, and no one escapes there. This can also be used for enemies. Burn a lot of fire in the night war and wave the flag in the day war.

That way, the army looks big. In that way, it suppresses the enemy’s army, lowers morale, and affects the psychology of the enemy general. There is a lot of morale in the morning. I’m tired at night. Those who are good at war judge the strength of morale and attack.

If we stop our army and the enemy’s army gains momentum, our army will be ready. This is a psychological warfare. Get a base, keep food in that place, and wait for the enemy to run out of food and power. This is a force tactic. With all the preparations in place, enemies attacking in a straightforward manner disperse their power in a wacky way. This is a tactic of change.


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