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孫子の兵法を読む14Read Sun Tzu’s Military Art 14











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Sun Tzu says. There are five ways to attack with fire.

① Burn the enemy.

② Burn the loaded luggage of the enemy.

③ Bake to protect the enemy’s luggage from being replenished.

④ Burn the enemy’s warehouse.

⑤ Burn the enemy army.

To use fire, you must have the cause of the enemy. Be sure to have all the tools for smoke and fire. Fire is the time to light. The day when the fire is lit. Time is when it is dry.

The date is taught by the celestial body. Common name, Mihoshi, the 7th star of our Seiryu Nanajuku. Common name, Nameboshi, 7th star of Northern Genbu Shichijuku. Common name, Tasuki star, 6th star of Southern Suzaku Nanajuku. Mitsukake star. The 7th star of the Southern Suzaku Nanajuku. When there are these constellations. When there is this constellation, the wind blows well.

When attacking with fire, be sure to attack according to the “Five Fire Changes”. If a fire breaks out inside an enemy, it attacks from the outside, depending on the situation. Don’t wait and attack immediately when the fire breaks out in the enemy and the soldiers are quiet. If the enemy’s fire power is extremely strong and you can win, attack accordingly, and if you are unlikely to win, do not follow it. When a fire comes out from the outside, do not wait for the fire to come out from inside the enemy, but use that time to ignite the enemy. If the wind is on the fire, don’t attack the leeward. The wind disappears at night, even if it stays the same during the day. The army always knows that there is a “five fire change” and uses a variety of means to protect it. So it makes sense to use fire to assist an attack, and to use water to assist an attack is strong. Water is used to cut off supply and cannot be deprived of it.

It is bad to attack the war and not give it the merit, and it is good that the clear prince thinks about it carefully and says, “It costs only money, it costs money, and there is no merit.” The general needs to understand that. He doesn’t move when it’s not profitable, he doesn’t use soldiers when he has nothing to gain, and he doesn’t fight when it’s dangerous. The prince should not be angry and should not be a staff member with the war teacher, and the general should not be angry and should not fight. It works according to profit, and if there is no profit, it does not work. Anger changes with joy depending on the situation, and intense anger changes with the situation, but exile (the disappearance of a country) does not change with the situation. Even if there is a death, it does not change depending on the situation. So a clear prince does not fight in a non-featured battle, and a good general is wary of a battle in which no credit is paid. This is the reason for stabilizing the country and perfecting the army.


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