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孫子の兵法を読む15(最終回)Read Sun Tzu’s Military Law 15 (Final)










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Sun Tzu says. If 100,000 soldiers operated by war masters were to be expeditioned to a thousand miles (very far away), the savings of peasants and the service money to the government’s army would require a large amount of money every day. Because of the turmoil both domestically and internationally, the roads are occupied by the military and cannot be used normally, so 700,000 homes, and thus the people, the military, and the people, who cannot live normally, will protect each other for several years. ..

That’s how we finally fight the wins and losses of the day. Therefore, hesitating to spend a huge amount of money and not looking up the enemy’s information is “unfaithful”, that is, there is no grace to win. So he cannot be a military general. He cannot be an assistant to the monarch. You can’t be the protagonist to win.

Therefore, the movement of a clear prince and a wise general beats people because they are informed and know before the people.

Don’t rely on God for what you know first. Also, don’t be fooled by ambiguous phenomena each time you make a judgment based on the circumstances of the matter. Be sure to know the enemy’s information directly from the person.

Therefore, there are five ways to use “pause, information”. “Goma,” “Uchima,” “Anima,” “Death,” and “Ikenma.” Those who obtain these five types of information are like gods without being aware of them. That person is a treasure.

① “Goma” is to obtain information from the residents of the country that collects the information. ② “Uchima” is to obtain information from the officials of the country that collects the information. ③ “Anti-ma” is to get information by making good contact with the person who takes information about the enemy. ④ “Death” is to prepare for death and infiltrate to obtain information. ⑤ “Ikenma” is to return from the enemy, report information, and obtain information.

Therefore, those who report information are the most reliable. Those who report information are the most rewarded, and the information is very detailed. Without a lot of wisdom, no one can report information. Without the righteousness, that is, the reason as a person, the person who reports the information cannot. In a subtle place, if you can’t do it well, you can’t get the results of information. Subtle, subtle, so gathering information is important (to win).

The person who reports the information, the information is asked first, the information is heard, and when it happens, it kills everyone. Approximately, if you want to attack the army, attack the castle, or kill a person, be sure to first know the guardian general, assistant, agent, gatekeeper, and the surname of the person who serves the house. The person who reports the information always searches and knows the situation. If there is an enemy information collector, he will find it and use that person to enter the enemy. In other words, it should be used as an “anti-ma”. By doing this, you will know the enemy, so you will make “Goma”, “Uchima”, residents, and officials into informants and listen to information. By doing this, you know the enemy, so you put in a “death” and sprinkle information that misleads the enemy. This allows you to know the enemy, and thus “life”, that is, to return from the enemy and obtain information.

The five “methods of obtaining information” and “five-ma” are inevitable for knowing information, and this is due to “anti-ma”. So this must be given a great deal of favor. A long time ago, the country of Yin took over the world because Ie was in the summer. Jiang Ziya (Taikobou) was in Yin, while Zhou (who knew the inside) conquered Yin. Therefore, a good monarch, a wise general, will be very successful if he is well informed and informed. This is where the whole army moves informed, at the heart of the war.


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