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相続負動産を経営しています。I run an inherited real estate.











This time, I will talk about the inherited real estate of my family. If you are interested, please get in touch with us. The inherited real estate was an old single-family home in the countryside. There are many old houses around, abandoned and no one lives. A nearby supermarket has also closed, and the parking lot of that supermarket has changed to a monthly parking lot, but the contract is zero. There is a railroad track nearby, and the other side is prosperous. It was such a locally depressed area.

If you demolish your house, property taxes will jump. Therefore, the old houses that have been left unattended are lined up as they are. There was an inherited real estate in such an area. Yes, it was an inherited real estate that could be called “negative movable property”. On top of that, it was quite old and was tilted due to many earthquakes.

Of course, there are also leaks. The troublesome thing was that it was built on the boundary of the site because it was old. On top of that, I was leaning towards the house next to it. The real estate agent says, “If it sells like this, it’s best if you can sell it and settle it.”

Demolition makes this a daunting decision. But it doesn’t bother the next house. There was such a situation. It’s also a memorable place. I don’t know if I can sell it off so easily, but it makes me feel unfaithful to buy and beat other people.

I think there are many people who feel that way. Therefore, many old houses are left around. In this case, the house is absolutely to be demolished. So I decided to demolish it and stake out the boundaries of the land to make it clearer. I called a company such as coin parking or car sharing, but I wasn’t dealt with.

It can not be helped. I laid asphalt, drew a line, and installed a car stop. I made it a monthly parking lot. However, the property tax jumped 2.5 times, and even one car did not stop. I was sleep deprived every day.

Then I thought. I decided to put a roof on the parking lot. It costs money. Even if you put a roof on it, you can only rent it for the same price as a parking lot in a vacant lot. Was told by a real estate agent of a rental agency. However, at this point, there is only one option. So I put on the roof and rented it out.

The real estate agent said, “It’s a little messy.” I understand this word well now. It was finally full after three years. However, the roof has a lifespan. Therefore, there is also re-covering work. It costs more than a normal parking lot.

However, in the countryside, parking lots are cheap. I am doing a non-profitable business. I hope various people will be happy to use this parking lot. It is such real estate management. There are graves in the countryside. In the meantime, I want to go see the parking lot and help the local people. I know that this is the essence of management.

I may be lucky. I run an inherited real estate. But it’s not profitable. It may be someone who can’t. However, if there is such an inherited real estate, I want people who are worried about what to do to know that they can also do this, so this time I managed to manage the inherited real estate with a covered parking lot. I tried to talk about that.


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