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資産運用に株式投資。Stock investment in asset management.











Recently, many general meetings of shareholders on the Internet have started. Previously, it was a general meeting of shareholders who had given up attending. I was impressed by the statement from the shareholders, “This company was a ten bagger, wasn’t it?” Yes, if I had it for more than 10 years, it would have been.

Stocks as an investment vary from person to person. But, as this statement shows, long-term, good stocks will increase without doing anything. I am a recently acquired brand. Therefore, the assets have not yet expanded so much. However, this brand is my favorite and I have no intention of moving it.

I don’t know the probability that a ten bagger will become a ten bagger from the time I have it, and over time. But for now, I have no intention of moving it. Sometimes I’m not confident. Some people are moving around, increasing their wealth, and building billions of assets. But I don’t seem to like it.

For some reason, I know that people who invest in stocks are surprised when their bereaved family sees the profits of the stock investment when they die. Many people who have had it for a long time are successful. Maybe if you make a lot of losses, you will be frustrated on the way.

I left a stock during the bubble. After 15 years, it was one tenth. Other stocks remained unchanged. The lost stock was sold off and managed together with other stocks to make it plus or minus zero.

At that time, I had a stock I really wanted. However, he was opposed by his family. I couldn’t buy it. However, the stock quadrupled in a blink of an eye. The family who knew it had no objection to buying this brand.

Investing can be difficult, but you can simulate it well and enjoy it. Even if you actually make an investment, you will regret it. Since the economy is a living thing, chances are not once.

So let’s open an account with a securities company. I waited for a chance for 10 years. I think it’s good to simulate and practice by yourself. That way, if you’re ready and have a good brand, I think it’s a good idea to buy one. I seized the opportunity with this.

However, leaving it for a long time is not good. This is because the industry has its ups and downs. So, if it’s not such a good industry in the future, it’s better to sell it at some point. This is a lesson when I left the stock.

Generally, stocks as investment targets are risky. But if you’re prepared, the risk is reduced. Instead of opening an account in a hurry, open an account and wait for a chance. It was a story to say.


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