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「学問のすすめ」勉強(教育)は豊かな生活になる2″Recommendation of learning” Study (education) will be a rich life 2












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I will not write the entire book this time. I would like to take up this “recommendation of learning” while pinching the points of concern. Here is this. According to the teachings of the West, a government made up of good people becomes a good government.

Following that, there is this. The point is that “uneducated ignorance” is said to be particularly stupid. In short, studying makes people smarter and the nation prospers. Yukichi Fukuzawa taught that people are equal and that studying is important. There is no one in Japan who cannot read letters. Yes, it is established in the Constitution as a basic human right.

Japan has no inequality in studying. So, no matter how poor it may be, it has the opportunity to study, and by status, by its affluence, it has the opportunity to rise to life on an equal footing. Is written.

Maybe the world isn’t going in that direction. Wealth is now biased, and that wealth also produces wealth. However, some people are in the game. Rather, I feel that there are more such people.

Japan is different, even though it is a capitalist country. Yes, Japanese people don’t donate much. However, he pays a lot of taxes. This is the duty of the people. Therefore, it serves the underprivileged people socially, and this is returned in various ways.

I feel that the basis of this is education. Because I wrote it above. Yes, studying is essential to becoming a good nation, and it becomes a good nation. Studying is a place to learn the reasoning of things.

So it’s not just studying, it’s learning the norms of things. In other words, it is moral. I understand the reason for things. In other words, society is stable. This should not be the case for some people. Not all people will achieve it without the opportunity to study.

I read a book to win before. However, the more I read it, the more it felt foreign body sensation. Because there is no morality. With morality, it is not a dispute. There are many morally immoral countries in the world. War is caused by various interests.

But that’s unfortunate. Because you lose the opportunity to study. What I would like to emphasize here is that if we have equal opportunities to study all over the world, we feel that there are “good nations” and “good people”, which will lead to world peace.

In the economy, it is competitive. But without education, the company feels like it doesn’t exist and isn’t stable. So now is the time for people all over the world to study. I wish for such a society.

This time, I wrote that the nation is made up of people, and that people can create a good society by studying. May the whole world be given equal opportunity to study for peace. That’s all for this time.


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