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特別優遇の東京オリンピック。Special preferential treatment for the Tokyo Olympics.











The Tokyo Olympics are now being held. Since there are no spectators, ordinary people cannot watch the game locally. In Corona, Japan is in a difficult situation. Among them, the Olympic athletes and officials are very blessed people.

Because I am vaccinated and I am in a very hygienic environment. I sometimes watch the Olympics on TV.

Judo is one of the competitions I see from time to time. The judo originated in Japan, and I feel it is a great honor for you to be accepted by various countries as a competition. Judo is such a fierce competition that sometimes the judo clothes get bloody. The feet are bare feet. You can see that we are taking thorough infection control measures.

Even in such a competition, there are no reports of infection in judo so far. However, there are some concerns. It is a state of the medalists riding on the podium at the competition. I think I’m taking a shower after the competition. It looks very refreshing. I am changing into uniforms from all over the world. However, I feel that the idea of hygiene is still insufficient except in Japan.

Because the players on the podium are barefoot, except for Japanese players. Japanese athletes wear socks to match their uniforms. Players from other countries are barefoot. You can wear your own socks, so please wear them. This is because the podium also needs to be thoroughly disinfected. After all, from compassion, I feel that the idea of hygiene is acquired.

Contrary to the Olympic venue, corona infection is spreading in Japan. Japan was unable to meet its family during the New Year holidays due to a state of emergency. I was also lonely during the New Year holidays. In Japan, the elderly are vaccinated. Therefore, during the summer vacation, it is unavoidable for children to want to go back to the countryside.

Therefore, corona is widespread all over Japan. There are no children in my neighborhood either. In Japan, it is also a problem for children who have left over their free time to go to the park in Corona. So the children are oppressed. Various people are in such an environment. I wish I had the vaccine by the summer vacation.

The government did not respond well. This can no longer suppress corona infection. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are special people’s festivals, and they are not familiar to us.

The government could not protect the people with vaccines. Increasingly, the number of people infected with corona is increasing, causing medical pressure. I’m at home. I often hear that there are no corona infections, but many people get sick due to lack of exercise. In fact, I am no exception.

I hope the vaccine will reach the general public as soon as possible. Yes, I have no choice but to wait. However, there are times when I have to go out for business. It’s scary, but it can’t be helped.

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