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特別な人だけの東京オリンピック。The Tokyo Olympics only for special people.












Every day, the TV program of the Tokyo Olympics is broadcast here in Japan. Then, the number of corona infection information gradually became worse in a blink of an eye, and it is progressing at the same time in Japan.

I haven’t been vaccinated yet. I was able to obtain a “vaccine right” called a platinum ticket. So in a few days you can get the vaccine. I finally got it on the internet. Therefore, it is disadvantageous for those who cannot master the Internet. It is also disadvantageous for those who cannot spend time due to vaccine reservation.

Most people can’t get the vaccine. Meanwhile, I think there are many people who are afraid to go out. However, after all, I have no choice but to go out if I have something to do. Most people are not vaccinated. Among them, the Tokyo Olympics are being held.

No matter how many Japanese players get medals, this is becoming an unpleasant situation. It is really radiant to see the players producing results after five years. However, this tournament was mental and some athletes declined the competition.

People are exposed to such an ultimate situation. A terrifyingly infectious corona can no longer control the infection with just a little care. In Japan, trains and buses wear masks and do not speak. It’s silent. Do not speak out more than necessary. Such a city. However, the infection has not subsided and is spreading.

After all, the Olympic Games are a celebration of special people. Even if you watch TV broadcasts, there is only “another world”. It has always been the case. But the people just didn’t notice. There is still a session, and then there is the Paralympics. That way, people realize that the Olympics are a pleasure for special people.

So, in the United States, the ratings are taken for different sporting events. The Olympics are no longer for special people. Therefore, Japan will lose its sense of familiarity with the Olympics. After all, even if the Olympics were calculated to have a deficit of 100 million units, people would not be vaccinated.

At the very least, Olympic programs must take the time to send a message to those who suffer from corona, and therefore those who are in need of life, and healthcare professionals. Broadcasters are insensitive to Corona. Then you should send a specific message as to what is best.

There are many things that can be done with TV programs because the Olympic Games are being watched by many people. However, the commentator takes a long time to give various explanations. Now that’s not needed. In short, since the Olympics are made up of your cooperation, it would be better if the TV program had corona information.

Perhaps, if the broadcasting system remains as it is, the Olympics and Paralympics will be held, and at the same time, people will be infected with corona and go. People are dissatisfied with this tournament without a broadcasting system that can provide useful information to people.

The Olympics and Paralympics can only be celebrated with the support of the people. If that is not possible, the Olympics and Paralympics will accelerate in this corona to a celebration supported by special people.


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