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ファイザー製新型ワクチンの副反応の対処方法How to deal with side reactions of Pfizer’s new vaccine.
















This is the side reaction of the Pfizer vaccine.

Be careful of these symptoms. Suffering from breathing, rash, hives, feeling unwell, light-headedness, etc.

Symptoms that may appear within a few days after inoculation.

More than 50%, pain in the injected area, feeling tired, headache.

10-50%, muscle aches, chills, arthralgias, fever.

1-10%, swelling / redness, diarrhea, vomiting in the injected area.

I went home after follow-up at the waiting area 15 minutes after the inoculation. Two days after the vaccination, I still have pain after the vaccination. Other symptoms were very painful.

After 12 hours, I felt sick, and when I lie down, I feel more and more sick and nausea. Over time, I had vomiting and it became quite painful. It’s been four hours since I ate. So, even more so, it took a lot of power to vomit, and I suffered.

After vomiting, I’m tired this time, so I want to lie down. But when I lie down, I feel sick. I had no choice but to sit in a chair for 5 hours. Yes, it’s dawn. Then I felt better and went to bed.

After about 3 hours, I didn’t have a fever, but the joints of my whole body hurt like when I had a fever. I was lying on the bed for about 2 hours, but the joints of my whole body … pain.

So I didn’t have a fever, but I took an antipyretic analgesic. In the meantime, the medicine seemed to work well, the indirect pain disappeared, and I slept well. Then I finally returned to normal life.

But the whole body is somehow sluggish. Still, it seems that it will take some time to get back to normal. Rumor has it that the second vaccination is worse and more difficult than the first. What happens after the second three weeks of vaccination?

After that, I told my doctor about my symptoms at the time of the second vaccination. Then, on the day of inoculation, I was told to refrain from eating with jelly, tea, juice, etc. I was told to take fever after taking a fever because the vaccine is less effective if I take an antipyretic drug in advance. I had a low grade fever for 2 days. However, I didn’t feel nausea.

At the time of observation for 15 minutes after the inoculation, the nerve at the inoculation became painful, and on the spot, it was cooled with a coolant and left for 30 minutes. By dealing with it, the pain was relieved. If you’re worried about anything, talk to your doctor. I found it easier the second time than the first time.

This article was created based on a print of “Notes after receiving the new corona vaccine”.


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