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Web運営者必見!id5-sync.comリダイレクトハイジャックの対処方法。Must-see for web operators! id5-sync.com Remedy for redirect hijacking.

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私は、iPadとMacBook併用で、このブログを運営しています。MacBook には、トラッカーを知らせてくれる機能が有ります。これは、とても、親切な機能です。



Web運営をしている人は、この対策は、した方が、良いと感じています。今回は、ESETセキュリティーソフトを使ったMacBook でのリダイレクトハイジャックの対処方法です。

I run this blog on my iPad and MacBook. The MacBook has a feature that tells you the tracker. This is a very kind feature.

An unfamiliar tracker appeared there. It was called “id5-sync.com”. This was called redirect hijacking, which redirected or migrated people who visited my blog to the wrong site.

Those who operate the Web feel that it is better to take this measure. This time, we will deal with redirect hijacking on MacBook using ESET security software.


First, click on the arrow.


Then click on the arrow web and email.






The address list with the red arrow is specified in “URL to block”.

The list setting of the red arrow is specified by “Check” in “Valid” and “Notification”.

Enter the “URL” in the blue frame below. Please enter the “domain name”. Please operate with the “+” and “-” buttons below.

Finally, click on the red part of the green arrow to finish.

Regarding id5-sync.com, even if it is detected, there is no notification function, but it is said that redirect (migration of malicious sites) can be reliably prevented.


Next, let’s look at other security.



As you can see, anti-phishing measures are also effective at the same time. This is safe.


It is also automatically email protected. This is encouraging.




In this way, it is important to protect the readers of your blog. There are various types of pc and security software.

It is a security that you definitely want to do to protect your readers. This time, the web operator can protect the reader from various attacks such as “id5-sync.com” redirect hijacking countermeasures and phishing scams. Please introduce it and protect your readers. This time, I wrote about security enhancement measures for Web management. I would be happy if it was helpful.


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