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手作りめんつゆを使った材料で作る「昆布の佃煮」”Tsukudani of kelp” made from ingredients using handmade mentsuyu

材料前回、椎茸風味の上品なめんつゆの作り方で作ったもので、作ります。作った「めんつゆ」 大さじ3(45ml)、しょうゆ(濃口)5-6滴、前回使った昆布、前回使ったかつお節。これで、「昆布の佃煮」を作ります。

Ingredients : Last time, I made it with the method of making elegant mentsuyu with shiitake mushroomflavor.

Made “Mentsuyu” 3 tablespoons (45 ml), 5-6 drops of salty soy sauce (dark mouth), kelp used last time, dried bonito used last time. This will make “Kelp Tsukudani”.


Please keep the material in a safe place. Also use 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of the “mentsuyu” you made.


Cut the kelp into squares like this.


Put the kelp and dried bonito in a pot.


Put the “mentsuyu” that you made last time. Then put it on medium heat.


It is like this. Stir well so that it does not burn.


If it comes to a boil like this, add 5-6 drops of soy sauce. 5 drops if you like light taste, 6 drops if you like strong taste. (Taste and adjust the amount to your liking)



Always mix it so that it doesn’t burn, and when it looks like this, it’s done. This “Konbu Tsukudani” can be eaten as it is on rice. Besides, it is delicious even if you add tea and ochazuke. This time, it was “Konbu Tsukudani” made from the remaining ingredients of “Mentsuyu”.

It’s delicious, so it’s gone soon. Please try to make it. Next time, I will introduce Japanese cuisine made with the “Shiitake-flavored elegant mentsuyu”. Since it is a home-cooked dish, it is a delicious dish that prioritizes taste over appearance. This time, I made “Konbu Tsukudani”. Next time, I will cook with mentsuyu. Please look forward to.


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