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幸せな人の幸福、幸せの条件.Happiness of happy people, conditions of happiness.

















People have “worries”. Perhaps no one is trouble free. The most troublesome of these is interpersonal relationships. In such a case, how do you organize your mind?

Perhaps many, with dissatisfaction, just swear and croak. What should I do in such a difficult time? That is the theme of this time.

Yes, you are “happy”. Having someone to worry about is “happiness.” Because if its existence disappears, the mind will be empty.

I love older people and talk a lot. He talks about various life. After all, people can add color to their lives only by connecting with them. The seniors give me some advice.

“I will regret it later, so please chew a lot of” happiness “. Was said. She has a mother in a wheelchair and a father with malignant cancer. She chews on “the happiness of someone who is worried” and sends it every day. There is also such “happiness”.

Later, I’m sure that I am “happy” now, and even such parents think that they have a life.

Often I have words that people say. “You don’t think it’s bent.” I was fooled by saying that. But I’m clumsy, but I feel “happy”.

Because people who have done bad things to me in the past can’t come close to me when they see me from a distance. After all, everyone has a “guilt feeling”. I have never felt that guilty.

Because it doesn’t deceive or bully people. It’s insensitive, I don’t know. But I think that’s fine.

People have various hardships. The bigger it is, the less it is said. Therefore, you should live as you are.

Anxiety and worries are “happiness to worry”. I don’t know this now. However, in the future, when I look back and look at myself now, I can “discover” “happiness” there.

Few people can find the existing “happiness”.

People sometimes become extravagant. Because others look “happy”.

But that’s not the case. Others look good.

So, if you look closely at yourself, you can discover that there is “hidden happiness” there. I feel that searching for such “happiness” is a hint to live life in “happiness”.

“Happiness” exists in a mixture of misfortunes. I want everyone to know that searching for such “happiness” will make you “happy”, so this time I wrote about the heart that makes life “happy”.

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