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ルーベンスとバロック時代と絵画。Rubens and Baroque era and painting.















Google Art & Culture,Wikipedia より引用

“Assumption of the Virgin” altarpiece「聖母被昇天」祭壇画

“Assumption of the Virgin” oil painting「聖母被昇天」油絵

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) is said to be a Baroque painter.

Speaking of baroque, I remember baroque music. That pipe organ that produces a profound tone is very elaborate, and even now, that tone still touches my heart.

Baroque music refers to the 150 years from 1600-1750. Also, as a Baroque building, there is the Palace of Versailles.

This building is also a very heavy and historic building. It was Rubens who ran through such an era.

In 1600, he served in the palace of Vincenzo I, Consaga, Duke of Mantua, in Italy. Rubens was influenced by painting at this time. He was commissioned to create an altarpiece for the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valicella in 1606.

At that time, I left the drawing. It still exists today. The altarpiece in the big place, the church, must be very easy to see.

The finished work I drew was once posted in the church. However, in the space of the church, the altarpiece could not be seen clearly due to the reflected light, so the repainted one is still in existence.

Altarpieces are sometimes dared to be vividly drawn to show to all. The colorful drawing “The Virgin of Valicella” (1608)is very elegant and the angels have a mellow atmosphere.

Even though it is a drawing, being able to fully enjoy it as a single painting proves that Rubens had a variety of talents. The drawing is wonderful.

Sometimes religious paintings have commandments, so there are many cruel scenes.

Maria, who climbs to heaven depicted in “Assumption of the Virgin” (1625-1626), also uses different colors in the oil painting and the altarpiece.

The altarpieces have a clear color contrast and are visible to all, and the oil paintings are delicately drawn. It was Rubens full of talent like this.

The main character of the masterpiece “Dog of Flanders” wanted to see Rubens’ painting. This time, I wrote about Rubens’ altarpiece.

The cover picture is the altarpiece of “The Virgin of Valicella”.(1606-1608)

Quoted from Google Art & Culture, Wikipedia


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