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ヘルシオのスチームレンジはラップのいらないレンジ機能。Helsio’s steam range is a range function that does not require laps.









This time, the microwave oven broke, so I bought a new one. This time I bought Sharp’s Healsio. Until now, you needed plastic wrap or a lid to heat cold rice in the microwave.

But this Healsio doesn’t need rap. It is a microwave oven that is good for such an environment. Fill the water tank with water and heat with steam. Therefore, it will be finished perfectly. Defrosting is also steam, defrosting. It just feels good and doesn’t have the gravy like it used to. This was a surprise.

Bread is also delicious like freshly baked bread when cooked with steam heating rather than baking in an oven toaster. If you cook with steam, you can reduce calories.

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m glad I bought it. Because it’s much tastier than heating it in the microwave.

The old Healsio is divided into a microwave oven, an oven, and a steaming function.

However, what I bought this time is a microwave oven, range steam, steam thawing, steam fermentation, water oven, oven, water grill, grill, and functions. It takes time to master it. I’m still reading the instruction manual, but it’s very delicious.

The amount of wrap used is definitely reduced. It is such an environmentally friendly cooking utensil. The price has been reasonable since it was first released.

I also baked pizza on the water grill. It was very delicious. This time, I wrote about Sharp’s Healsio, where steam cooking was very delicious and inspiring.


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