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一心不乱に生きる-お金で幸せは買えないLive with all one’s might-money can’t buy happiness.























“Isshin Fran”. This word expresses how the mind is not disturbed. “One heart” is written as one heart. “Undisturbed” means not disturbed. Yojijukugo is an old word that is read like a Chinese sentence.

In other words, the meaning of words has a very long history. I still feel that the words spoken are very valuable. I always have this word in my heart.

That’s because it’s very difficult to never be disturbed at any time. It’s very difficult to be in such a state of mind.

There is a “heart” that nurtures this “unwavering heart” and never treats things lightly, but rather concentrates on things carefully.

In modern times, the “mind” is respected for individual freedom, and there are various ways of “mind”. It is also personal freedom, and in this modern era it cannot be denied.

However, the attitude of life is that it is not good to take a light look at things and deal with one thing easily in order to get things done or become socially recognized.

I think it’s important to deal with things in a “one-hearted manner” no matter what the good way of life is.

In other words, take all the small things seriously. The accumulation of good little things is the foundation for a good life, and it is a solid foundation.

Building up such time will never be a “regret” in later life. Life can make big decisions. That decision is not always correct.

However, the decision you make with “one-heartedness” does not cause “regret”, and you can “convince” it because it is a decision you made yourself.

There are many different lives, but only time is irreversible. This is the most equal thing in modern times.

I feel that it is important to live in a “one-hearted manner” in order to live a life that is “convincing” rather than “regret”. There are various people. However, it is important to live seriously. Because I think that trust is born and surrounded by good people.

There is a wonderful environment where you can’t buy with money. People are always lonely. Born lonely and dying lonely. So life is yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself also means knowing your limits.

That is why “one-hearted unrest”.

In modern times, having a lot of money can make the person seem to have a good life. But that’s a mistake, and while you can live your life comfortably, it’s not a condition for “happiness.”

There are many things that can be solved with money. So life is comfortable. But be aware that the “human heart” cannot be bought with money. You need some money in your life.

But living as a human being and dying as a human being does not require excess money.

The most necessary thing is the “hearts of the people” who are willing to say goodbye.

The values of the mind can vary greatly from person to person. So there is a lot of controversy, which also leads to philosophy. Therefore, this sentence is not absolute.

Because there are different values. I will not deny this.

Because there is diversity there.

That is why people suffer and suffer. Then, look for a place of heart. There is no answer in life. I think it is life itself to walk while asking yourself questions.

“一心不乱に生きる-お金で幸せは買えないLive with all one’s might-money can’t buy happiness.” への1件のコメント


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