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言葉は人間関係をよくするWords improve relationships.
























“Words” is the most important thing in human relations and I wrote it in my own way. If you are interested, I would be very happy if you could take a look.

I like “words”. There are various kinds of word games. I think it has a lot of play in different countries.

Then, when I was young, I learned the fun of “words” through play. I also played a lot.

I also played a little difficult. This is a game that uses old Japanese poems (songs) as cards. It is “Hyakunin Isshu”. This is for 100 people, so it’s very difficult to remember.

And the interesting thing about this game is that it gives you a personal taste. You can quickly remember your favorite poems and pick up the cards, but the poems you aren’t interested in are hard to remember and you can’t pick up the cards.

In this way, “words” sometimes become games. “Words” are indispensable in our daily lives.

“Words” sometimes magically attract people.

Various “words” overlap with each other as time goes by. Then, the “words” that resonate with the heart will remain. But it’s not all good.

Because “words” are multifaceted.

Even with the same “word”, there are various ways of thinking. Therefore, “words” create “misunderstandings”. Therefore, human relationships are made up of “words” and “attitudes.”

Even with the development of civilization, there will be “misunderstandings” in human relationships. This has various problems. At times, people are “conflicted” by “misunderstandings.”

This is the most dangerous thing. However, as we have “words”, it is often very difficult to solve this. When a person really “misunderstands” and dislikes him, he stops exchanging “words” at that point. Then, the distance will increase and there will be no interaction naturally.

Therefore, we who have “words” are required to be very advanced.

Sometimes “words” alone, not “attitudes”. Therefore, “words” are used only for masquerading and vice versa. Communication is very difficult because “attitude” is added to “words”.

By the way, we feel the charm of “words”, read “words” with “letters” at any time, and are fascinated by the “words” of “letters”.

Because there are magical, multifaceted “words” there. There is no “attitude” there.

The “words” of “letters” are very attractive. There is a multifaceted “sentence” there, which requires a lot of imagination.

“Sentence” is the task of developing imagination and honing intellect. Because there is little information, it requires the ability to decipher.

It’s very good to use to help understanding while making good use of the video.

However, the video is also based on “text”.

Therefore, “sentence” is the basis of “word”. It is important to touch a lot of “text”. Because people communicate in “words”.

“Words” nurture good relationships. That is why you should familiarize yourself with “sentences” from an early age and increase the number of many “words”.

It requires a lot of reading. Don’t forget to read.


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