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古都京都、龍安寺の「無」をさとる旅A trip to the ancient city of Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple.







This time, it is “Ryoanji” which is famous in Kyoto and Ishiba. I went twice, early in spring and early in autumn. I would like everyone to see this situation. Ryoanji is a Rinzai sect Myoshinji school. It is located on Mt. Oun.

There is a small white stone. Then we have placed 15 large stones. For Japanese people, there is a bowl with the well-known word “Mitsukuni” (Mitsukuni Tokugawa / Tokugawa Mitsukuni) engraved on it.

There, the meaning of “I only know what I am satisfied with” is written in Chinese characters. In addition, there is a fusuma of a traditional ink painting between “Hojo”, and there are three rooms, each with its own theme.

The tiles also have a taste. Extremely avoiding glory, there is a bowl that says “only satisfied” with the sharpened “beauty”, and there is a quiet atmosphere where you can enjoy the ultimate “beauty”.

No one is yelling here. However, in front of the stone garden, many people are sitting and looking at the 15 stones. There is something here that fills the heart. This may be the ultimate “beauty”.

Please see from Ryoanji Temple in early spring.


The gate is divided into several parts. This is because the gates used differ depending on the status. Even now, in a company, it’s a lot like separating outpatients and employees.

梅の色づき始めた頃でした。It was around the time when the plums began to color.


I felt that Ryoanji would look good in a colorless world like an ink painting. Therefore, the dead tree had a taste. There are various sensibilities, and I think there are various ways of feeling. Please feel various atmospheres throughout the four seasons.


This is a chozubachi that says, “I only know that I am satisfied.”


This is during “Hojo”. There are 3 rooms, each with a theme drawn on a sliding door.


In Japan, stones were an integral part of the garden. Therefore, there are rocks of various shapes in various parts of the garden. This extends to the pond. I enjoyed looking at stones and rocks, superimposing their shapes on various things, imagining them.

湯豆腐の楽しめるレストランが、園内にあります。メニューがありましたので、撮影しました。There is a restaurant in the park where you can enjoy Yudofu. There was a menu, so I took a picture.



Yudofu 1,500 yen. Kaiseki cuisine (with yudofu) 3,300 yen. Rice 200 yen. Sake 700 yen. Beer 700 yen. Juice 200 yen. We also accept group reservations. Seigenin Telephone 075-462-4742

Kyoto is famous for Yudofu. Here, it is written as follows. You can dine in a spacious and open room. Please enjoy while looking at the rich garden. No reservation is possible.


I tried to get “Kouyoucha” in puns. It is a very sweet tea made from Uji tea in Kita-ku, Kyoto. In some teas, kelp was folded into triangles and hot water was added to make the kelp a fortune. It was a common place. Please enjoy it.


Kelp popcorn. Yokan. Kelp tea (sweet tea) made from Uji tea was on sale. Omikuji kelp tea. Unique assortment such as. The shop staff will serve kelp tea to check the taste. it was a fun time.


There are many ways to enjoy it. Please make a lot of memories by visiting various places.


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