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乾いた金魚1-倒産と夜逃げDry Goldfish 1-Bankruptcy and Night Escape.

















My dad ran a company. And he was mainly working in public works. So he always listened to the government budget and was always worried about the trend, whether the economy was good this year or it was going to be painful next year. It was a small company.

It was my home and office. I drew many telephone lines, and there were a lot of large copy machines and office supplies.

Then he hired several people to run the company. I always saw him cutting bills. Therefore, the other party was very worried about chain bankruptcy because he couldn’t pay.

It may look graceful to the people around me, but the reality is that every day feels like a kid.

However, when he was working, he made a fine suit, put on shiny polished shoes, and went out dashingly when he had something to do at work.

So, from the neighborhood, it seemed to be enviable, and as a child, I was somewhere away from my friends. Every day, he looked wealthy. But my family life wasn’t so luxurious.

Although my mother has a sense of money, I felt that I couldn’t afford the income and expenditure because I needed a lot of money to expand my business. Expanding business was quite common in the Japanese economy at that time, and I didn’t feel any discomfort in the social climate at that time.

However, as a child, I longed for a normal family while watching the bills being cut. I heard the stories of adults, such as having a lot of income this month and having a hard time next month, like the wind.

One day in such a winter, I took out only my younger brother and went out in the distance. I was very angry and complained. However, I wasn’t dealt with.

Yes, I later learned that it was a preview of a place to escape at night in preparation for the day when a dishonored bill (bankruptcy) appears.

Then, wait for the bankruptcy, the sun to set the day before, and suddenly put the study tools in the school bag or school bag, relying only on the lights leaking from the surroundings, without turning on the lights of the house. I was told to put in a minimum of clothes, though I had few clothes around me.

Then, when that was done, I transferred my goldfish from the aquarium to a bucket with a plastic bowl. In the darkness of the night, I held a bucket and headed for the pond to release the goldfish.

Then, I closed the door, got in the car from my office and home, left, and ran away at night.

Then, a few months later, I returned to the house. There was nothing that could make money. I didn’t even have stationery or envelopes. The door was forcibly opened and the creditor took it.

Then I went to the kitchen and suddenly turned my eyes to the rough kitchen. There was a plastic bowl there.

In it, a goldfish was dry, mummy-like and dead. Yes, it was a dark and unsaved life. Suddenly, tears spilled.


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