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世界最大級SEP船で海洋発電を目指す清水建設Shimizu Corporation aims for ocean power generation with the world’s largest SEP ship.













作業時には、4本の脚をジャッキアップします。そうして、海面の揺らぎに影響されることなく作業できるようにします。風車搭載量は、8MW 風車の場合7基、12MW風車場合3基、です。





清水建設/Shimizu Corporation

The world is promoting renewable energy. However, Japan has very steep terrain with few plains.

Therefore, it is not possible to build a wind farm on land. Because you can’t fully enjoy the wind.

Even if Japan tries to install a wind power generation group on the sea, the area of the continental shelf is small and the depth of the ocean is very deep.

Countries such as Europe have introduced a lot of offshore wind power. That number is 18.5 million kW, which is five times that of Japan.

However, in Japan, the seabed is so steep that it is extremely difficult. However, Japan, surrounded by the sea, will be in very good condition if it can overcome this difficulty.

Promising areas for this construction in July 2019 include the four sea areas of Noshiro City, Mitane Town, Oga City, Yurihonjo City, Chiba Prefecture, and Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture. 11 areas have been designated.

Considering Japan’s offshore power generation, it is necessary to install a large one, and a crane of 2,000 tons or more is required for foundation construction.

To ensure this, Shimizu Corporation made a big decision with company luck.

An offshore work vessel equipped with a crane machine called an SEP vessel is required on the ocean. Shimizu Corporation decided to build an SEP ship, which stretches its magnificent long legs on the deep sea floor.

This project enables offshore power generation even on the extremely difficult seabed. Japan plans to have a 9-12 MW class super-large wind turbine.

This SEP vessel is one of the largest in the world and is scheduled to be completed in October 2022.

The SEP ship has a total width of 50 m, a total length of 142 m, a total ton number of 28,000 tons, and a crane can lift up to 2,500 tons. In addition, its height can be lifted by 158m. She can work in the sea at a depth of 10-65m.

When working, jack up the four legs. That way, you will be able to work unaffected by sea level fluctuations. The loading capacity of the wind turbines is 7 for the 8 MW wind turbine and 3 for the 12 MW wind turbine.

This plan is magnificent and is estimated to be 5 trillion yen in the Japanese market alone.

Shimizu Corporation is aiming for the top market share.

I would like you to know that Shimizu Corporation, a Japanese construction company, can provide solid products in other countries by linking this technology unique to Japan to trust.

If you are interested, I will link to the page of Shimizu Corporation, so please have a look.


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