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パワハラ,ブラック企業を改革する外国人CEO.Powerhara, a foreign CEO who reforms black companies.

これは、実際に大手企業であったことである。日本企業が、世界に比べて遅れている組織体制がある。一時期、もてはやされたMBA(Master of Business Administration)経営学修士号、経営管理修士号とも言われる資格がある。










This was actually a major company. Japanese companies have an organizational structure that lags behind the rest of the world. For a while, he is qualified to be called the MBA (Master of Business Administration) Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration.

The big company had executive candidates take MBA classes uniformly in order to get an MBA. Then, the same qualification test was given to all technical graduates and sales staff. Salespeople often already have similar classes at school. However, technical staff are conducting sales activities while supporting the technology. Therefore, in general, there is less time to spare than sales staff. Nonetheless, within the same period, they were trained and decided on executive positions based solely on their MBA scores, without considering the “technical background.”

Such rigid organizational management is a very rigid personnel affair. To become an executive, first of all, you are called a school scholar, and you are filled with your boss’s school. It becomes kind of closed. Certainly, you may be able to study. However, as a company, I find it difficult to become conservative and develop.

It does not destroy the company, but it does not develop. It is convenient to maintain a company, but it does not develop. Then, when trying to develop a company, it is quite difficult for a large company.

But the economy crosses national borders. Then, a major reform of the organization was carried out, and foreigners became CEOs. Then, those who became executives only with MBA qualifications were demoted. I feel it is a matter of course.

This is because it is common for people with MBAs to be taxi drivers overseas. Japan judges people based on their qualifications and academic background. No matter how hard the person tries, he doesn’t know.

His boss monopolizes that right, so anyone who can do better than himself gets power harassment, mentally hunts down and dismisses him. There was a person who went up like that. The person is asked by others, “Isn’t there a remorse for your conscience?” And asks the person who shreds after power harassment, “What do you think of me?” A very sly person reigned at the top.

However, the foreign CEO removed it. Very welcome to me. In Japan, the organization is rigid, so the economy is stable, but it does not develop. It may not be in Japan alone, but people in power harassment and black companies are unhappy.

I hope this rigid Japanese company will change more flexibly and independently, but it is quite difficult. The problem is that Japanese people have many mental illnesses. Up until now, I had plenty of time, but since I haven’t changed myself, my business will shrink. Because good people are crushed.

The economy is honest. The only way to develop is to have a foreign CEO reform. In this way, Japanese companies are changing now. This is good for Japan as well, and I strongly feel that we need to become a more open Japanese company in the future.


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