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自作!最強の破れない自転車カバー.Self-made! The strongest unbreakable bicycle cover.


This time, I made my own bicycle cover and made the strongest unbreakable bicycle cover. I heard that the bicycle shop often tears the bicycle cover and customers come to buy it, so I think this will be helpful for those who are very worried.


This is what you need to prepare. I will buy 2 sets of this.


It’s quite expensive, but I’m making a bicycle cover for the author who has been using the same bicycle for 20 years. One set does not fit a 26-inch bicycle. It will be expensive, but please purchase 2 sets.


Next you will need a sewing machine. No. 30 thick sewing thread, matching sewing needle, and silicone retainer.


The thread can be any color as long as it is number 30. I had a surplus of red, so I made it myself with a sewing machine. It’s like this.


It’s for trucks, so it’s very durable. All you have to do is sew the two pieces together, fold them in half and sew. Material costs are high, but cospa is much better than repurchasing a bicycle cover many times. It will last a long time, so it is very good. It’s great for bicycle shops too! I was impressed. It seems that many people have torn the bicycle cover and bought it again. Please try to make this strongest bicycle cover yourself.


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