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織田信長の築いた安土城跡は、天主閣ができてからわずか3年の城でした②The site of Azuchi Castle built by Nobunaga Oda was only three years after the castle tower was built ②

二の丸跡/Ninomaru trace


Here you will find the ruins of the Ninomaru Palace and the main mausoleum of Nobunaga Oda. The main mausoleum is on the west side of the ruins of the heavenly lord. Hidekichi Hashiba (Hidekichi Toyomi), a senior vassal, climbed the castle with three monks for the New Year in January 1583, and in February, at the site of Azuchi Castle Ninomaru, a sword, a crow hat, a straight hanging, etc. The relics were buried and made into the main mausoleum. On the first anniversary of June 2, the Oda clan and vassals were gathered to make the memorial service grand.

本廟/Main mausoleum





二条城見どころ実際に行った筆者が簡単に説明します.The highlight of Nijo Castle The author who actually went to explain briefly.

This is the site of the Azuchi Castle Honmaru Palace. You can reach the castle tower by climbing the stairs. This is called Senjojiki. This narrow site, about 50m east-west and about 34m north-south, is surrounded by a castle tower, Honmaru belt, and Sannomaru stone wall. To the south, there is a view.

Excavations in 1934 and 1999 found 119 this building foundation stone, which was arranged in a grid pattern within a range of 34m east-west * 24m north-south, and was severely burned and damaged by a large natural foundation stone at intervals of about 2.18m. There are traces. Some of them had a pillar mark of about 36 cm on one side. The pillars of the house at that time were quite different from the samurai residences where 12-18 cm pillars were built at 1.97 cm intervals, and it was a powerful structure that took a lot of time and effort. From the arrangement of the foundation stones, it is believed that there were three buildings across the courtyard.

It turned out to be very similar to the Emperor’s residence, Uchiura Seiryoden. The Seiryoden was built in Azuchi Castle just below the heavenly lord. There is a building, and it is stated that the “Imperial Palace Room” was built inside. Nobunaga Oda’s two visits to the Emperor of Azuchi Castle were not realized. It is said that this Honmaru palace was the Yukiyuki palace prepared by Nobunaga Oda for the Emperor Yukiyuki.

It’s an anecdote that shows the greatness of the emperor. Nijo Castle also has an anecdote.

本丸から天主閣への階段/Stairs from Honmaru to Tenshoku

石段を登れば、そこは、天主閣です。If you climb the stone steps, you will find the Tenshoku.

天主閣跡/Remains of the Tenshukaku








The main tower of Azuchi Castle was burnt down in June 1582, three years after its completion. Then it was left as it was. It was first investigated in 1940. During that time, nothing was done for 358 years. The foundation stone remained clean when the deposit was rejected. It has been slightly reinforced, but it remains the same as it was at that time.

From the records, it was a 8-story building at that time, and it was an outstanding building for the time on the 1st basement floor. This is the first basement floor. However, its size was about twice as large as this.

According to Jezus missionary Luis Frois, the heavenly palace was such a wonderful building that it wouldn’t sink into a building in Europe. This was the first wooden building with a height of 33m in Japan.

The interior was gorgeous, and there were barrier paintings and decorations by Nobunaga Oda’s painter and Eitoku Kano.

It is said that the hexagonal heavenly palace was made with reference to Western architecture. Nobunaga Oda seems to have been interested in various religions in various places.

This may be because Nobunaga Oda felt something about the fact that many lives were lost and many lives were lost during the Warring States period, and it became such a castle. It’s a gorgeous castle, but it probably couldn’t go against the passage of time. Nobunaga Oda set up a temple. Zen is to be innocent. Nobunaga Oda must have wanted to learn a lot from religion.

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