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自分でできる!ワンピースをお洒落にリメイクしてセットアップにしました。You can do it yourself! I made a fashionable remake of the dress and set it up.

今回は、必読!古いジャケットを自分でリメイクしました。Must read! I remade the old jacket myself.



This time, a must read! 必読!古いジャケットを自分でリメイクしました。Must read! I remade the old jacket myself.

It is a continuation of. There was a short-sleeved suit mini tight skirt, so I will remake it using the rest of the hagire.

First, Before

このワンピースは、ひざより上です。This dress is above the knee.



Carefully sew the lace collar by hand. Then, last time, I will lengthen the length of the skirt with the excess of the jacket.

Like this, it’s After.

盗作禁止/No theft


It became a calm and elegant feeling. If you wear the jacket you made last time, it will look like this.

盗作禁止/No theft





You can set it up, or you can wear it as it is, just a jacket or just a dress.

It’s a very calm and elegant setup.

Also, if you like, please try to make it yourself. It’s easy to make and can be worn in various formal occasions.

This time, I made a jacket and dress setup from a short-sleeved suit.


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