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[参議院選挙 2022]日本国民は憲法改正政党を選んだ[Council Election 2022] Japanese citizens chose constitutional amendment party











悲報 安倍晋三氏の銃撃事件を分析してみるSad news Let’s analyze Shinzo Abe’s shooting case

Fumio Kishida, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Prime Minister have Hiroshima at their knees. Therefore, he is a politician who suits the word “peace”. However, although there were various issues in this House of Councilors election, the revision of the Constitution was a big and very delicate issue. The shooting of former Prime Minister Abe during the election was very interesting, and the voting rate was as high as 52.05% (confirmed value). With the majority of the people voted, the Liberal Democratic Party made a big leap, and when combined with the opposition parties in favor of the constitutional amendment, it took 93 seats, far exceeding the required 82 seats.

There were four parties in favor of constitutional amendment: the Liberal Democratic Party, the Komei Party, the Japan Restoration Society, and the National Democratic Party. The Communist Party, which has a consistent claim to uphold the Peace Constitution, was a devastating defeat. In fact, during the election campaign, the figures were sparse in the street speech.

After all, the Japan Restoration Society could not change the image of “Osaka”. Then, I got only half of them in the Osaka constituency at my knees. The other half are the LDP and the Komei Party. In Kyoto prefecture in the Kansai area, the word “Hannari” suits you well. Yes, it’s an elegant city. Therefore, it was the Constitutional Democratic Party that won along with the top-winning LDP. Except for the Kansai area, it was barely “Kanagawa prefecture”.

Therefore, it is difficult for the opposition party to survive. The old opposition party, which is now the Socialist Party, has become quite small.

The Liberal Democratic Party does not always have such a smooth sailing. At the beginning of 2000, the approval rating dropped and it was difficult. At that time, Junichiro Koizumi came out and shouted, “I’m going to destroy the LDP!”, And Koizumi Children made a leap forward and won the House of Representatives election. Therefore, I feel that the Liberal Democratic Party has abundant human resources and is always strong. In addition, we are working with the Komei Party, which is strong in welfare.

Even this time, “constitutional revision” is one of the important focal points, so if the name of the opposition party is the Constitutional Democratic Party, it seems that we can win, but while the Liberal Democratic Party is surrounded by a sense of crisis due to the invasion of Ukraine, “Constitutional revision” “. The Constitutional Democratic Party was on the other side because it was an opposition party. I wonder, but it seems that the opposition party cannot forgive “constitutional revision”.

Also, although the Japan Restoration Society was an opposition party, it was in favor of the constitutional amendment, but after all, the image of “Osaka Restoration” is strong, so it became the Constitutional Democratic Party as the recipient of the Japan Restoration Society. is. That’s why I got a vote from the Communist Party.

I am wondering how to manage the “collective self-defense right”. In fact, in Okinawa, the Liberal Democratic Party lost by about 3,000 votes. There is a great difference in temperature from Okinawa, where the US military base is located. However, every time I look at the situation in Ukraine, it is very embarrassing if such a thing happens, and it is very difficult to put together the national sentiment that is intricately related to this people’s will.

I am very curious about how the constitutional amendment will take place. Is it just an interpretation or a rewrite of the Peace Constitution? It is clear that Japan cannot be protected by the defense power of Japan as it is, so there is no doubt that there are many very important decisions now that the borders are tense. First of all, we are proclaiming an increase in defense costs. Shinzo Abe’s power was great in overcoming this big hurdle. It was an election that I wanted to protect “beautiful Japan”, quoting from Mr. Abe’s words.

I’m sure something will happen to the Constitution.

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