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[体験談]ホームセンターの安い自転車を20年以上長持ちさせて使っているメンテナンス方法[experience] Maintenance method that keeps cheap bicycles in home improvement stores for more than 20 years











自作!最強の破れない自転車カバー.Self-made! The strongest unbreakable bicycle cover.

The bicycle in the picture is a bicycle that has been used for over 20 years. I bought a sale item at a home improvement store. It came with a 3-speed transmission and was purchased for about 7,000 yen at that time. I bought it first and then did it.

It was a sale item, so the tire punctured in about a month. When I took it to a bicycle shop, I was told that I was wearing cheap tires, so I should use good tires. Then, I changed the tires together with the tubes. Looking closely now, it was the tires and tubes used in electric bicycles. Then, I made the bicycle key a highly crime-preventive key.

So, without being stolen, the bike has never been flat for more than 20 years. The good thing is that the chain is all covered and the chain doesn’t rust. From time to time, remove the screws from Kure 5-56, remove the cover and lubricate the chain to make the petals much lighter.

I can’t do much maintenance, so I can only do oiling, so I ask the bicycle shop to do it.

What I’ve done so far is that I’ve been riding for a long time, so the resin part of the grip of the derailleur has deteriorated and I replaced it. The price wasn’t that high. Then the bike light broke, so the bike light put a folder to attach the flashlight. The flashlight is usually removed and turned on only when needed. Whenever I leave my bicycle, I also remove the flashlight. I bought the holder on Amazon for about 300 yen.

After riding for more than 20 years, it gets damaged, so I replaced the front basket and saddle of the bicycle. Saddles were said to be cheaper after all to replace than to buy a saddle cover. Then, recently, the brakes started to become squeaky, so I had my bicycle brakes repaired. By the way, I replaced the bicycle bell after riding it for more than 20 years.

Bicycles rust. That’s why I made my own bicycle cover. I will post a link, so if you are interested, please have a look.

I think I’ve been using it for over 20 years because I put on good tires and made the keys highly crime-preventive. Change your new bike to a security key. In fact, a newer bike than this one was stolen. It was the key I bought.

As soon as you buy it, exchange it for a security key. Cheap bicycles often have only a decent key. Good tires and tubes are puncture-free and very easy to ride. I haven’t had a flat tire for over 20 years. I feel that this is the most important thing for using a bicycle for a long time.

In this way, I’ve been riding a cheap bike I bought at a home improvement store for over 20 years. It’s not shiny, but I can use it without hesitation and it’s very convenient to use. I hope it helps.

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