東京コロナを封じ込め作戦の提案。Proposal of a strategy to contain Tokyo Corona.









When Corona began the infection, she attended her mother’s visit as usual and was examined. It’s been over a year now. Even though I wasn’t talking at all, the teacher said in a loud voice. “Tokyo is bad !!!” Yes, she seemed to relieve her emotional anger.

I didn’t say “⁇” here. However, in a word, it seemed to calm my mind. Perhaps medical personnel are angry about what Tokyo is like.

This looks like a child’s relationship that doesn’t listen to being a school teacher. I’ve seen Corona since it first occurred in Japan, but I think there are so many people in Tokyo.

But, after all, it is already stable except in the Tokyo area of Japan. If you lock down only in the Tokyo area, you can rest assured in both Tokyo and the region. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are already a countdown. Medical personnel are already tired. Because it’s an endless, negative loop.

There is only a vaccine with preferential treatment in Tokyo. But this doesn’t come nicely. How much do the regions endure? I feel like. But even in Tokyo, I don’t think there are only such people, but after all, it’s divided.

Yes, even though I’m doing my best, there is no sign that Corona will be settled even in such a situation. Tokyo is a city of sleeplessness. surely. If the electric power company limits the power supply, I’m sure everyone will refrain from doing so. That’s because if you differentiate yourself with alcohol, you’ll get annoyed. Yes, if you ask an electric power company to limit the electric power, I think Tokyo will be fair to everyone.

That is fair and effective. That way, the train will probably be less likely to move. Yes, in a sleepless city, if you limit the power, you will surely have less movement. This is my personal opinion, but I’m sure it’s good for anyone to read and implement. effective.

It would be nice if this could reach the government or the government and be implemented. This is just a personal opinion. The countdown for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has begun. I think there is only this …

作成者: Qoo

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  1. こんばんは^^
    もう4度目の緊急事態宣言 ほんとに負の連鎖ですね
    オリンピックは開催は目前…大丈夫かなぁ とても心配です

    1. 本当にそうだと思います。