東京圏以外は、意外に安心な日本のコロナ事情。Except for the Tokyo area, the corona situation in Japan is surprisingly safe.









Well, a state of emergency was declared in Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo has the most corona in Japan. Even in Japan, if it weren’t for Tokyo, it would be easier to do the Olympics and Paralympics. I think there are many people who think so. Therefore, the pattern that the infection starts in Tokyo and then spreads all over Japan is repeated.

From now on, when doing something, the risk will be reduced if you remove Tokyo and make it a different city in Japan. Because everyone is living a self-restraint life. The Japanese people will protect it in a lawful manner. So on weekends, I go shopping to buy a lot of things. I often go shopping at Costco.

However, because everyone is self-restraint, there are so many people in the line. Therefore, it is difficult to enter the store due to admission restrictions. So, on the contrary, if you declare an emergency, it becomes more “dense”. My favorite Costco is already in a long line up to the second floor to enter. It’s also many layers, and it’s already “dense”. Therefore, shopping is also difficult.

I have also eaten at a restaurant. At that time, remove the mask only when eating. Then, silently. After all, there are times like that.

However, the number of Costco customers is steadily increasing. Full from the 1st floor to the rooftop parking lot. As for gasoline, crude oil in New York fell during the corona shock. That’s why, I don’t know, but it’s very cheap. If you try to refuel with gasoline at Costco, it’s a long line and it’s hard.

That’s why weekend shopping is very tiring. Everyone wants to eat delicious food. Costco is just good because it stocks up. How much is Costco selling? I feel like. The Japanese people are faithfully “staying home” as a measure against corona. It’s already a lot of people and it’s hard.

Weekend shopping. What about you guys? I was a little lacking in exercise and got fat. I have to go on a diet. It’s like that, because it’s a peaceful Japan except around Tokyo.

Yes, this time, I think that if there is something to do in Japan, the Olympics and Paralympics will not cause such a problem except in Tokyo. Corona always spreads with Tokyo as the epicenter. It was a report on the corona situation in Japan.

作成者: Qoo

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