文章力は、遺伝する。Writing ability is inherited.









My mother took it very lightly that I started blogging. Because her mother was a literary girl who had read through the textbooks such as “Natsume Soseki” at that time, and she was surprised to find the book by her teacher in her inventory survey. It was so much.

However, when I read my blog on my smartphone, I was told, “You have a literary talent, like your father.” His father was a political reporter for a newspaper company while he was in college. So he seems to have been loved by politicians.

Returning to the story, if such a father writes a ghostwriter for his brother’s composition, the composition will win more and more prizes. It can be freely changed according to the writer, and the age group can be sorted and written.

I was lamenting that my daughter was about to get a job, and that she was sorted by the entry sheet and did not pass.Then, as a small test, I issued more than 100 entry sheets. So, regardless of the fact that there was a cut-off in the selection of academics, all the companies that read it passed the entry sheet.

So my daughter had a lot of interviews. And she gained her hands-on experience and was finally hired when her daughter herself wrote an entry sheet and entered her recruitment exam in the early stages. There was such a thing.I enjoy writing, and my mother, a literary girl, reads and praises me.

However, I don’t want to live a terrible life like my father, and I’m most happy to have people treat me as normal and to spend it in a normal and mediocre family.

Old parents are, to me, a lamp and a textbook of life. That’s why my old parents have lived a difficult life well. Every time I see that I am deeply grateful for the descendants that I will inherit even in such a life, I feel that time is something that polishes human beings.







作成者: Qoo

某1部上場企業の知的財産部門に在職。出産を機に退社。その後は、株式投資をしています。投資歴、30年以上。その後、不動産賃貸会社経営、個人事業主。NIKKEI SEEKS にて経営コンサルタントを登録しています。 ご縁がありましたら、よろしくお願い致します。 節約をしながら、教育費は削らないのがモットー。住宅ローンは、3年半で返済。 父は、大学在学中、アルバイトで新聞社の政治記者をしていました。だから、私も文章を書くのが好きです。 多趣味、好奇心いっぱいの生活しています。 ブログで、色んなことをお伝えしたい、思いから始めました。だから、個性いっぱいのブログです。皆さまにとって、幸せになれるようなこと、お伝えしたいと思います。