日本の美学と現代の服装。Japanese aesthetics and modern clothing.








禅とワビ茶、懐石料理の美しさ。The beauty of Zen and Wabi-cha and kaiseki ryori.

陶器収集の趣味は、儲かるのか?Is the hobby of collecting pottery profitable?

There is Sen no Rikyu who established the world of tea ceremony. As I wrote before, pottery is used by historical figures to establish its value. The Tenmoku bowl used by Sen no Rikyu certainly costs 1.4 billion yen. It is a poor bowl. Sen no Rikyu has pursued the ultimate scraped aesthetic. I wrote it before. And it was divided into “Omotesenke” which inherited the main house of Sen no Rikyu and “Urasenke” which inherited the retired mansion behind the main house.

The tea ceremony is deeply related to politics, and Sen no Rikyu was swallowed by the wave, and in front of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1597), he was seppuku, that is, suicide. He is hungry and dead.

There is such a word. “Hare” in Japanese. In other words, a spacious and radiant place. Such a gorgeous world is spreading.

“Ke” in Japanese. This is not a treat. Don’t go away. Usually, everyday, I am. In other words, in terms of clothing, appearance, and appearance, there are days of hare and days of ke in Japan. This is tradition and culture.

Such Japanese culture has been handed down to the present day with a mixture of spirituality and glitter.

The new Corona seems to have taught people the importance of everyday life. In other words, we are leading that there is a day of hare only by valuing the day of ke. Because UNIQLO’s performance is gaining momentum. The brand Renown has gone bankrupt. In modern times, people’s clothing and appearance value their daily lives. There is a consumer sentiment that the one that is most comfortable for you is selected, rather than dressing up by paying attention to the brand or appearance. This means that there are more good everyday clothes, and the boundaries between hare and ke have disappeared.

From now on, people will not choose clothes by brand, but will express their own personality, which can be dressed as quality, comfort, and parts. Therefore, the person who dresses and controls this becomes truly fashionable. The times are flowing. There is such a word in China. “Won’t know new, Onkochishin”. Study the old and gain new knowledge from it. It’s a good word. Times go by, but there are always new discoveries.

作成者: Qoo

住宅は、買い替え派。住宅ローンは、3年半で完済。 株式投資歴は、長い。 Housing is a replacement group. The mortgage is paid off in three and a half years. He has a long history of investing in stocks.