不動産投資用物件に賃貸オーナーが住んでいる。A rental owner lives in a real estate investment property.









There are two types of real estate, “for residential use” and “for investment”. Of course, there is no problem even if the residential use is used for investment. Yields are generally worse. So what happens if you try to make investment for residential use? Sometimes it is said. There is also that.

Yield is irrelevant. Because I live. There was a rental apartment that was in contrast. One was a studio, not so old. It’s not new, but it’s not so old. The property is vacant.

Opposite, there was an old apartment and an old single-family home. The renter lived in the old single-family home all the time. Single-family homes are long when you enter. The old apartment has a landlord on the first floor. It’s old, so it’s old and doesn’t even look like it. However, I have renovated it and live there. It’s quite old, so it seems that I bought the property at a low price.

There was a renter on the second floor for a while. There are no people to enter now. That’s why I use the 2nd floor instead of a balcony to dry the laundry. If the landlord lives in an old apartment, there will be no delinquency, and if you live by yourself, there is no risk of vacant houses.

The renter went out of the old single-family house. Looking at the appearance that was too worn out, I was curious about what would happen to such a property in the future. Among them, the single-family house was demolished, turned into a vacant lot, and was a surprisingly large land.

In particular, the land remains as it is, without asphalt. Next to it is the apartment where I live, so it will be the site of my house. Therefore, property tax is not high like vacant lot. The land is very large considering the apartment. However, I have renovated an old apartment and have lived there for a long time.

Therefore, I feel that such a sober person is a real wealthy person. Long patience increases your wealth. There are many ways to manage an apartment. Self-remodeling is popular. Not only for rent, but if it is in a good location, if you live in this way, it doesn’t matter if it’s vacant.

I bought an old apartment and witnessed such an operation. He looks for an old property for real estate investment, rents it, and lives there. He feels it is good too. Looking at the vast site that was demolished, I felt that real estate investment would take time.

作成者: Qoo

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