wifiルーターの設定で、通信速度を速くする。Increase the communication speed by setting the wifi router.













「R T」モードは、直接、ダイレクトに屋外から、ルーターなどを使わずに配線している時に、使います。





速度ac規格で、速いです。3階建て、4LDKに対応。余裕のスペックのwifiルーターです。It is fast with the speed ac standard. 3 floors, 4LDK compatible. It is a wifi router with specs.


This time it’s technical. I think that many people have installed wifi routers themselves. This wifi router has a switch.

There is a switch for the wifi router like this. There are many people who do not know this unexpectedly.

There is a switch called “CNV” mode.

This is for rented houses, etc., where wired LAN construction is not possible.

Since there is no wired LAN, it is a mode when you want to expand the range of wifi that can be used only by radio waves.

“BR” mode is the mode when there are several wired LANs in the room and there are wired routers indoors.

This pattern is common when new houses are built.

The vendor installs the parent router, so if you make a mistake in the “RT” mode, the speed will not be sufficient.

The base unit is usually located in the attic, so check it out. In the future, with 5G, the capacity will be insufficient, so it is necessary to know what kind of specifications this installed router has.

I think you will need to replace it. It will be necessary to change the specifications of both the wifi master unit and the wifi slave unit.

This is the “BR” mode because you are wiring multiple rooms at once, such as in an apartment.

If you do this wrong, the routers will interfere with each other and you will not get speed.

“RT” mode is used when you are wiring directly and directly from the outside without using a router.

In this case, the installed wifi router will be the master device, so if you increase the capacity of this router, you can respond immediately.

In this way, the setting of the wifi router is different depending on the environment, and if you make a mistake, the speed will not come out.

In fact, since I knew this setting, a lot of speed came out.

Before changing the contract, reviewing the settings of the wifi router and indoor wiring will save a lot of communication charges, so please check this opportunity.

作成者: Qoo

住宅は、買い替え派。住宅ローンは、3年半で完済。 株式投資歴は、長い。 Housing is a replacement group. The mortgage is paid off in three and a half years. He has a long history of investing in stocks.