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「ますます、あなたの企業が、発展することを願っています。」この場、において皆様にメッセージをお伝えします。From Qoo.

I am looking for a history of overcoming hardships of various companies, excellent new projects, excellent products, and excellent services.

This is because I want to share it with many people on this site across national borders. Nationality does not matter. By posting on this site, this site does not claim copyright.

Please manage the information at your own company.

I am Japanese, so I will respond in Japanese to prevent spoofing. Please use the translator separately.

This is because I think that information can be managed more safely.

I would like to make it a place where many people can share information and have good exchanges. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

The information obtained will be strictly controlled and will never be disclosed to others. Please feel free to contact us.

“I hope your company will grow more and more.” I would like to give you a message here.

From Qoo.


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